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Vietnam :: Vũng Tàu / Vũng Tàu 1998 / vungtau98_017.jpg
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On the road again...typical traffic of Vũng Tàu streets. The sunglass vendor is on the right side displaying a full rack of economy sunglasses. Wear these at your own risks....the lens may pop right out or your eyes may get visual problems later. 8O)
Also, the tree with red flowers is Hoa Phượng tree...in full bloom, the whole tree is red, little of green leaves will be left.

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Name: John Lanning 13/25/2004 12:59
    I not only love a person who likes to take pictures, but one who knows their tree and plant life as well! :) Outstanding photo array which you have taken much time to put together! Thank you Thank you John

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