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Here's my Dad watering the back garden. I was recording video in the back ground. Let me recount my memory on the plants shown:
  • On the left edge of the photo is a Sugar Cane bunch
  • Right behind that is a banana bush
  • Way behind that in the background would be Cây Mi't...(I don't know English name for it.)
  • Right beyond my Dad's position would be a rack of Cây Sâm (Grass Jelly?)
  • Where my Dad was watering would be a Papaya tree
  • In front of that is the small Mango tree
  • And behind the Mango tree is a Coconut tree
  • There are many more types of plants but they are not in views...

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    Name: vd 2/25/2004 3:22
      Ca^y Mit' is called Jackfruit stree , Grassjelly is Suo*ng Sao' (black not green like sa^m sa^m)

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