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2-5-2010 8:17:55

    Good website

Name: Dan Potts 8-10-2009 15:06:45

    Your pictures brought back fond memories of Vung Tau, the friendly people, and the time I spent on VC Hill from 1967-1969. I also have many pictures during that time of Vung Tau and the Army installation on VC Hill. Thank You

Name: Upal Deb 10-22-2008 5:39:29

    Excellent.But if you allow to download some,we can be happy.

Name: Camboo 7-25-2006 11:48:19

    This is awesome. I have been in US more than 30 years now and haven't go back to visit VN. Hopelfully some day I will get the chance.

Name: bobbie 5-12-2006 8:28:00

    It looks like you really had a nice time.

Name: khang Nguyen 5-11-2006 12:43:26

    Very nice work. I am so proud of you. How do you know to do all this. Can you teach me ?

Name: Jon 2-2-2006 0:52:58

    Thank you very much for the pics of Vung Tau. Brot back old memories of being there while in Army in 1972. Especially the beach on the east side where i worked at the R and R center. I wish a nice lady named Le Yen Nga (Yvonne) would write me a line via E mail. Caman nhieu lam !Chua so mot !

Name: T Nguyen 11-20-2005 17:50:47

    Thanks for bringing back a lots of memories!!!

Name: Ray -[HomePage]
10-12-2005 3:24:39

    nice pix, bao gio toi nho Vietnam again..... bye

Name: Old Pikey 9-21-2005 12:34:37

    Very nice collection 20 years scince i was last there. Hope to return soon

Name: Duc 6-29-2005 18:30:21

    hi minh,nice website and nice photos ...i was just wondering whens the next time you'll have new recent photos like june 2005 photos? well whenever you have new pictures posted up fill me in...thanx ^_6

Name: Ark -[HomePage]
6-18-2005 6:45:38

    Dear Minh, thank you for the pleasure we've got while being at your website, and greetings from russian village in Vung Tau :)

Name: Chay Lam 6-16-2005 4:25:52

    nice photos man.. i just got back from vietnam.. spent 6 weeks and most of my time in saigon too. Great place to relax, party and have fun. Did u hit up the bars and clubs? i went to tons.. lots of fun.

Name: anh 4-26-2005 17:54:22

    dinh thay thiem

Name: steve 4-11-2005 16:51:25

    Great site! Seriously, how could you not love it?

Name: Minh Thi Bui, Felix Rosenthal 1-23-2005 16:04:11

    Dear Minh, Great photography and a wonderful sense of humor in describing the pictures! We were in VN in January 2004. Your site brings back lots of memories. Minh (yes, another one and female) and Felix.

Name: millie -[HomePage]
1-8-2005 15:06:24

    nice photos

Name: N Nguyen 11-27-2004 5:24:53

    "Keep up the best work as you have been", Minh Phat Le.

Name: Chet Crump 8-12-2004 2:38:22

    I can't thank you enough for your web page. I am an American that was in your country fro Jan 1969-Sept 1971. I became another of the Vietnamese soldiers since I could speak Vietnamese and was a Medical Advisor there. My daughter was born in Cho Lon (Saigon). I was given a Vietnamese name of Chet Roi because at one time they thought that I was shot so the soldiers said that I was Chet Roi and it stuck. I like the name because no one forgets it. Keep up the good work and again thanks for the many memories.

Name: Edward Grahame MacKenzie 7-29-2004 3:12:06

    Brilliant effort well done. I was in Vung Tau in 1967 to 68 quite a few changes I see.Keep up the good work.

Name: Uyen Tran 7-12-2004 3:30:59

    Very nice job and beautifull pictures you have taken. Just to tell you that I love your pictures . Great work ! Thank you

Name: Kevin 7-6-2004 1:42:21

    Hello Minh I am a Canadian that visited VN in Dec 2003. Your photos of Long Son, Phuoc Loc and Vung Tau brought back many happy memories. All the best to you.

Name: andrei 6-16-2004 2:28:31

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Name: Van Hai 4-16-2004 3:23:00

    Dear Minh, I am an original viet and i used to be a Tour guide throughout VN. Great to know your web(by chance) with all pictures in Viet Nam. You love travelling and taking pictures.I am that kind of person also. Now i am working for a big travel company in Saigon- VietNam. It is our pleasure to give you some inf from Viet for updating your web and share to ones who love travel back to VietNam. Hope your pictures bring Viet people together.

Name: Sakura Nguyen 2-9-2004 12:08:21

    i am viet and i appretiate what ur doing for my country...i am sure Buddha is very proud.

Name: VD 1-24-2004 3:26:21

    Hi there, the pictures took my breath away as I look through them because they really refreshed my memories of childhood. I realized that your home village is not very far from mine. I used to live in Hai-Son , only 3 minutes moped ride from OngTrinh, and one of the building in the pix of OngTrinh market is my friend's. anyway, Very nice job and please keep updating because I'll come back to visit your site 4 sure. Gap duoc dong huong mung lam...hic...

Name: Vu Tran 1-16-2004 11:24:26

    I like your travel tips...need more pics of pho Saigon.

Name: Van 12-30-2003 10:49:46

    Nice work. Do you have any updated pictures? Thank you for sharing.

Name: JC Conseil -[HomePage]
12-11-2003 9:36:56

    Very nice website, with useful information! JC visit mine

Name: Gordon 8-6-3 0:23:35

    Thank you for taking the time to put together such an interesting site. I love the pictures and the commentary. Gordon

Name: Thuy 7-2-3 16:32:47

    Very nice works!

Name: your .... 1-13-3 1:00:55

    I enjoy your website a lot, and the most interested thing to me is your descriptions. How can you know about bong sung'very well, amazing ha' hihihi........

Name: Hoa 1-12-3 12:33:09

    thankyou for sharing you pictures