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Originally, this website was setup to allow all of those who are interested in Việt Nam to enjoy of the view of a different world. This site shows you the world of little materials in daily life and how simplistic life can be in my country. You can follow the tours and experience for yourself. There had been extra supports from family and friends so the tours had been expanded to cover other wonderful areas around the world (ịe. Thailand, India & USA). Check back later and you may see more of what you like here! :O)

- Minh Phat Le (minhphat01@aol.com)

P.S.: This site is only a part-time personal hobby project as I love taking pictures wherever I go. I'll try to keep this site updated once in a while with new pictures.

Of course, I take donation if you have the heart to support my website. I run this site entirely on my own pocket money and it's been a hobby for all to enjoy. I have lots of pictures yet to be posted. Just need a bit more support and time perhaps. Any donation is appreciated!

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